What gives with the naming?

is meant to be a bit of a visual pun. A playwright writes plays. Clearly, since the tool helps with writing dialogue for interactive narratives, subsitituting *i* for *y* in playwright is pretty straightforward. But, why is the *l* in so much darker?

Some people see large language models as golden opportunities for accelerating creative endeavors, others see them as cheap imitations of human ingenuity. Well, if you take the *l* out of ‘plaiwright’, you’re left with ‘paiwright’. The pronunciation of this is the same as pyrite, aka fool’s gold. Tying those two names together is the famous line from Shakespeare: All that glisters is not gold. The naming is such that each group gets to view the tool in a manner consistent with their perspective.

Why a cursive font?

also makes use of a cursive font. For one, this font harkens to the times when plays were written with quills. Though a more important reason is to subtly recognize the amazing accomplishments of the developers of Disco Elysium: The Final Cut. Their amazing game helped make the research was designed to explore possible. It just so happens that the developers are from Estonia… which is the name of the font.